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Research Highlights Precise Autism Diagnosis At 14 Months Of Age

It is a well-known fact that for successful intervention the detection of autism as early as possible is important. However, in the U.S., usually, kids are not diagnosed and offered treatment for autistic spectrum disorders until they complete four years of their age. Now, scientists have highlighted that the diagnosis of this disorder can be firmly done from 14 Months (1 Year and 2 Months) of age. This research has offered a prospect for medical development.

A recent study involved about 2241 toddlers in the age range 12–36 Months. It discovered that autism can be detected and diagnosed at the early age of 14 Months, which is just two months following their first birthday. An expert from the Autism Expert Evaluation Center at the University of California, San Diego, was involved in the evaluation of these toddlers. Based on their age, the children were divided into four categories.

On a similar note, the latest research highlighted that the bacteria lurking in kids’ guts might trigger autism. The scientists discovered that youngsters with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) have an exceptional composition of infections in their stools. They highlighted that these irregularities might come from the youngsters’ mothers, who were also noted to carry extreme levels of particular bacterial strains.

Researchers consider these bacteria might produce substances that obstruct the delivery of chemical messages. This condition might lead to ASD’s onset. The scientists speculated that the bugs might also encourage inflammation that may trigger the disorder. On the back of their research, the researchers expect manipulating a patient’s gut bacteria might one day help in treatment or even prevention of autism. This research was performed by the Qilu Children’s Hospital of Shandong University, Jinan, China. Ning Li, a scientist in the microbiome center, was the head of this research.

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