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More Than 21,000 Linksys Routers Leaked History Of Their Device Connection

Specific WiFi routers from Linksys may be distributing far more info than their consumers might like. Troy Mursch, the security researcher, has claimed that 33 models, comprising some Velop and Max-Stream routers, are showing their complete histories of device connection (comprising device names, MAC addresses, and OS versions) online. They also show whether or not their default passwords have modified. Scans have displayed vulnerable routers online in the tune of 21,401 and 25,617, among which 4,000 were still employing their default passwords.

The attack seems to be comparatively straightforward and comprises little over visiting internet address of an exposed router and operating a device list request. It operates whether or not the firewall of the router is switched on, Mursch claimed to the media.

There are possible serious outcomes. Entire connection histories can tell attackers if there are juicy victims on a specific network, such as a handset operating out-of-date software, while attackers may find out if their victim had visited a specific location. In the meantime, the password status can make it simple to hijack machines for the sake of online crimes and botnets.

On a related note, of all the home network machines we require to keep safe, there may not be any one more essential as compared to the router. For Verizon FiOS home Internet users, it is time to cross check that your device has been upgraded with the newest firmware update post Tenable Research verified various errors in the G1100 Quantum Gateway.

As per a breakdown of the errors, they might mostly need somebody to be linked on the local network. Although, it can also be susceptible if remote management is allowed and somebody had the password that is printed on the device’s sticker. Tenable told Verizon of the error in December 2018, as per media reports.

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